For Staff

Our staff is dedicated to working together to build a strong foundation for our students academically, behaviorally and socially/emotionally. Our staff utilizes the Massachusetts Curriculum Framework created specifically for 3–4-year old's. This year our academic lessons are created off the research-based Frogstreet Curriculum which provides products and age-appropriate instructions. On a weekly basis, our City Connects Site Coordinator provides Social-Emotional lessons using the "Second-Step" program which uses a holistic approach to create the understanding of supportive environment. 

Our staff work diligently to establish a productive school for the students, they are learning to understand the smallest things like following classroom rules/routines/schedules, share and interact with other students and walk safely in the hallway. Balliet Preschool staff members work persistently with each student to ensure they are ready to continue on to face bigger and greater challenges. By the end of the school year, Balliet Preschool students have transformed and are ready to take on the world!